Nimrod Windblocker Pullover Mittens
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Nimrod Windblocker Pullover Mittens
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Product description

The Nimrod Pullover Mitten is a windproof and highly practical mitten in a stretchy blend of polyester and spandex, with leather details at selected points. The palm section has a hood that folds back and is held in place with a magnet – a handy function for times when you need your fingers uncovered. The thumb has its own hood that also folds back when required, also with a magnet. Soft, brushed wool and polyester inside. The mittens come with a sturdy aluminum hook so you can attach them to your backpack or belt loop, for instance.

Nimrod Windblocker Pullover Mittens

Article No. 1140111_6003

Windproof mitten – Fold-back hood on fingers and thumb – Aluminum hook for attachment to belt loop

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