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Rain jackets

Rain jacket for women and men. Functional and durable rain jacket that is well ventilated and breathable for an active life in nature. Chevalier has a nice assortment of rain jackets for hunting, hiking or everyday for both boys and girls.

Rain jacket

We place high demands on our rain jackets and always have welded or taped seams on our waterproof garments so that no water can penetrate. A really good rain jacket should protect you from both wind and water, it should sit comfortably and have smart functions. Our rain jackets are durable and light, which makes it easy to pack with them in the backpack.

What distinguishes our rain jackets?

  • Waterproof
  • Windproof
  • Durable and functional
  • Designed for activity
  • Water column: 8,000 mm

How to take care of your rain jacket?

In order for the rain jacket to last as long as possible, remember that:

  • Do not expose the garment to sunlight
  • Do not dry in heat
  • Make sure the garment is dry before putting it away
  • Turn the garment inside out after washing and it dries faster

How to choose rain jacket?

Rain jackets you can use for hunting, hiking, fishing or for everyday. The most important thing is that the rain jacket keeps you dry. It is also important that a rain jacket breathes well and is easy to put on, the rain often comes unplanned and then you want to quickly put on your rainwear. Our rain jackets are flexible and mobile to wear, if you are active you do not want it to be received anywhere. Therefore, our rain jackets for men and women have a raglan cut for extra mobility, they are equipped with ventilation holes, have adjustable hoods and sleeve ends - so that they sit as comfortably as possible and do not let the rain prevent you from being out in nature.