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Thermal hunting sets

A warm hunting suit should keep us warm, regardless of whether you sit for a long time on pass hunting in light winds or are hunting in Lapland where the temperature falls really far below zero.

-Thermal hunting suits

We all make great demands on hunting suits that will keep us warm. Weather conditions can vary and it can be cold in different ways. In Lapland, the temperature drops well below 30 degrees minus and in the southern parts, wind and rain make the temperature feel much lower than what the thermometer shows. Should we then sit still on a pass, the cold will creep in and then you want a hunting suit that keeps you warm all day even though you are not that much in motion. In addition to keeping us warm, a warm hunting suit should also be comfortable, have good functionality and ingenious details and pockets. Chevaliers hot hunting suits are tested by hunters in harsh weather conditions in different parts of the country and for a long time. In this way, they have evolved to truly live up to their high expectations.