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Fleece is a fantastic material that is both durable and warm. It insulates body heat and transports moisture away from the skin. Chevalier has different variants of fleece clothing and also has fleece as lining in some jackets.

Fleece clothes

What kind of material is fleece made of?

Fleece is made of polyester in the base. This can then be blended with materials such as wool or elastane to create different features with the fleece garment. The fleece fabric usually has at least one side with a roughened surface that feels both soft and warm.

Can fleece garments be used as a middle layer?

Fleece clothing works extraordinarily well as middle layers during the colder part of the year. It insulates the body so you keep warm, while transporting moisture away from the skin so you stay at the right temperature. Use it as a second layer with a T-shirt as the first layer and a shell jacket as the outermost layer.

What are the advantages of fleece?

It is a material that is very easy to look after and retains its fit and texture very well. Fleece retains heat well and is good at transporting moisture away from the skin. Fleece sweaters, fleece jackets and fleece vests are very popular garments for all kinds of outdoor recreational activities such as hunting, fishing or hiking.

Fleece clothes are very appreciated by hunters, fishermen and others who spend a lot of time outdoors.