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Clothing with Gore-Tex® membrane has a Guaranteed to keep you dry™ warranty.

What is Gore-Tex membrane?

Gore-Tex® is a thin microporous EPTFE membrane that has millions of microscopic pores between the fibers. The pores are so small that due to the surface tension of the water they cannot let water through from the outside but are large enough to release condensation from within as water in the form of moisture.

How is the Gore-Tex® Membran used in a garment?

The Gore-Tex membrane is laminated on the inside of an outer fabric in two- or three-layer designs. It can then be used both as an outer fabric or as a hanging liner inside the garment.

Gore-Tex has excellent breathability, providing an excellent level of comfort for your waterproof garments. It is important that a waterproof functional garment has good vapor permeability. When you move a lot, you sweat. The sweat is transformed into water vapor by the body’s heat. It is this moisture that needs to be quickly ventilated and transported away from the body in order keep you dry and warm. Thus, the wind and water barrier/membrane should have excellent so-called breathability.

Why is the Gore-Tex® membrane so good?

Gore-Tex® guarantees the following:

  1. Waterproofness: Gore-Tex® has a Guaranteed to keep you dry™ warranty.
  2. Gore-Tex® membrane has good breathability. If the garment is properly handled, the waterproofness and breathability will remain throughout the life of the garment.
  3. All materials and garments are tested for strength, breathability and design. The tests include long-term showering of garments to reveal possible water leakage. Especially exposed places are particularly inspected, for example, shoulder sections and along the zippers. If any garment in the development stage does not pass the shower test, it will need to be modified before being approved.
  4. Together with Gore, we guarantee that all Gore-Tex® garments are waterproof. Of course, this assumes that they are subjected to normal use and wear.

If your Gore-Tex® garment does not fulfill the promised function, we can replace it after it has been tested and inspected. Generally, the Gore-Tex® Service Center can help to repair accidental damage, such as rips and burn holes, which are not covered by the warranty.