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Wool Jackets

Wool jackets with outer fabric or lining of wool are perfect for most seasons and weather conditions.

Can a jacket have an outer fabric made of wool?

A jacket with a strong outer fabric made of wool is an excellent garment for most kinds of weather. A wool jacket is warm, ventilates well, withstands a lot of wetness and is quiet and soft, which suits stalkers. Chavalier has wool jackets for men like the Loden, which is made from a high quality woolen fabric.

Is it possible to buy a wool lined winter jacket?

Yes, Chevalier offers an exclusive wool lined men's jacket. A winter jacket made of wool or with a lining of wool is an excellent alternative to down jackets and synthetic jackets. The thermo-regulating properties of the wool keep you comfortably warm, even if it gets wet or damp. Even from a sustainability perspective, wool is a good option because it is renewable.