Flannel shirts

Flannel shirts

Flannel shirts made of organic cotton. Soft and durable enough to be suitable for hunting or other outdoor activities

What makes flannel shirts so soft?

The flannel shirt is one of the most commonly worn items in our wardrobe. The fabric is woven from organic cotton and then brushed to give it its characteristic soft, slightly textured surface. This makes a flannel shirt incredibly comfortable, so much so that you almost want to wear it around the clock.

When did we first start wearing flannel shirts?

Sometime in the 18th century, farmers in Wales began wearing flannel shirts. They were not only comfortable and easy to care for, but also provided good protection against various punctures and other things they could easily get in their work. At the end of the 19th century, the flannel shirt was introduced more as a fashion piece and will forever be associated with various classic plaid patterns. In the 20th century, flannel shirts were used by the military in their uniforms.

Is there anything more comfortable than putting on a soft and pleasant cotton flannel shirt? Probably not. Classic plaid flannel shirts are a beloved shirt style for both men and women. They are sometimes called lumberjack shirts and it's easy to understand why, as they are both durable and comfortable, usually having a slightly more generous fit.