Pants in Vintage Fabric

Pants in Vintage Fabric

Pants sewn from our exclusive Italian fabric Vintage only become more attractive the more they are used.


What fabric are Vintage pants made from?

Vintage pants are made from our patinated, exclusive Italian cotton fabric. For many years we have produced our Vintage pants and they are greatly appreciated by both dog owners and hunters as they are durable and it is easy to remove dog hairs and other things that could otherwise easily stick. Our Vintage pants come in a stretchy cotton fabric that is patinated to get its iconic vintage surface. The patination makes the pants more durable and very easy to wipe. The more the pants are used, the more vintage the effect.

How do I care for my Vintage pants?

To maintain the vintage effect on the pants, it is best to follow the following advice:

  • Wash the Vintage pants as rarely as possible. Instead, wipe stains and dirt using a damp cloth.

When washing:

  1. Turn the pants inside out
  2. Close the zipper, Velcro and buttons.
  3. Do not use a rinsing agent.
  4. Use the gentle wash program (30 degrees) with only half a load
  5. Short spin cycle.
  6. Preferably iron on a low heat to maintain the function and luster of the fabric.